The Book Thief is about a young lady, Liesel, experiencing childhood in Germany in the midst of World War II. Liesel is living with non-permanent parents, Hans and Rosa. All through the story, Liesel takes numerous books. At first, she doesn't realize how to peruse, however she realizes that the book is critical. Hans notification and shows her how to comprehend the letters.

Hans and Rosa are not Jewish, yet they don't concur with the Nazi routine and secretly battle against it by concealing a Jewish kid, Max, in their cellar. Their enemy of Nazi feelings remain a mystery until one day Hans helps a Jew who is attempting to stay aware of the gathering as they're being walked to a death camp. Accordingly, the troopers whip the two Hans and the man he made a difference.

Hans is stressed that this occurrence will attract doubt to his family and that Max is never again safe in his storm cellar, so he sends him away. After Max leaves, Liesel is given a book he made her, 'The Word Shaker,' which he expounded on their kinship and a guarantee that they will be brought together. Hans is then drafted into the German armed force where he winds up breaking his leg and is sent home to recover.

Shockingly, Max was not ready to get away from the Nazis, and Liesel sees him being walked through town one day on his way to the inhumane imprisonment. As the war proceeds, Liesel is given a clear journal to keep in touch with her story in. She names it 'The Book Thief.'

One day her neighborhood is shelled, and Hans, Rosa, and her companion Rudy are altogether killed. In the rubble, Liesel deserts her book. After the war closes and the Jews are liberated, Max returns to discover Liesel, and they are joyfully rejoined. The book closes with Liesel moving to Australia, having a family, and living to a ready maturity.

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