Bleach, the movie

Bleach, the movie

Memories of nobody

DVD - 2008 | Japanese
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A mysterious girl is the key to a plot for revenge that involves the Soul Society and the World of the Living. Now it's up to Ichigo and Rukia to help save her and the two worlds from certain devastation.
ISBN: 9781421522944
Characteristics: 2 videodiscs (approximately 90 mins.) :,sound, colour ;,12 cm.


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X_andor_Who Apr 13, 2014

Cpt. Yoshiro: “In order, (for the villain, Ganryu), to achieve his objective… he intends to utilize the Shinenju. The Shinenju is (you) Senna. By order of the Soul Society, we will now take you into custody!” Senna: “But what gives you the right? What have I done? I’m just one person… how could… *Ichigo calmly and carefully puts his left hand on top of Senna’s right shoulder, whereby stopping her from continuing her distressing demeanor.* Ichigo: “Just hold on… you can’t do this… Rukia: “Ichigo, what are you doing?” Ichigo: “No matter what this girl is, it doesn’t change the fact that she exist at this moment. Look she has feelings and emotions and she has thoughts and dreams just like you do. But’choo want to ignore all that and lock her away, right?! As far as I’m concerned, you’re no different from them (the villains, Ganruyu’s gang). So you might as well forget about it, because I’m not handing her over to you!”

X_andor_Who Apr 13, 2014

*The previous and prior conversations become broken up by Ganryu and his gang from when they intrude upon the scene. It might have been interesting to maybe see a full all out brawl between Ichigo versus most to all the thirteen court squad members in a memorable, all out fight.*

X_andor_Who Apr 13, 2014

Captain of Squad 13: “However the Blanks as such like Senna, do not completely loose their individuality. Even though the Blanks be but empty vessels, they still wander for a time, searching for their lost memories.”

X_andor_Who Apr 13, 2014

Chief Captain, Old-Man Yamato: “The situation is critical! Prepare the Kido Cannon, immediately!... I’m sorry, but we have no other choice.” *In an arcane kind of way, I think the crystal condensed, Kido Cannon to be most impressive.*

X_andor_Who Apr 13, 2014

Kiske Udahara: “The Valley of Screems is somewhat similar to the Soul Society… it’s a spiritual world where humans cannot go.”

X_andor_Who Apr 13, 2014

*Near the end in the Valley of Screams scenario stage of the story, it would seem many to all main core characters of the Thirteen Court Squad get their cameo character appearances in fighting like fashion duels.*
*Captain Kenpachi, (Kenny), is always a laughing load of laconic and iconic one-liners.*
*Captain Yoshiro is as always, his usual, ice cold, serious self.*
*As of his strong suited persona, Substitute Soul Reaper, Ichigo, is still his usual friendship and justice incarnation.*

X_andor_Who Apr 13, 2014

Ganryu: “No one can stop it now (the completion of evil stuff).” Ichigo: “Shadd’up! I’ve had enough of your crap! I’m grabb’n Senna and takin’ her out of here! Ganryu: “You still don’t seem to understand. I told you it’s useless.”

X_andor_Who Apr 13, 2014

Chief Captain, Old Man Yamato: “Commence firing the Kido Cannon!” *Large feather fires of phoenix flame fly out of the crystal, Kido Cannon and descend and direct themselves upon their target.*

X_andor_Who Apr 13, 2014

Sanna: “If the world were destroyed… then there would be no Ichigo. I can’t imagine a world without you (Ichigo). *Sanna sacrifices vast amount of her spirit to save the world.*


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Aug 27, 2016

I have a feeling the film targets a young crowd, and teenagers. So I passed after some 30 minutes, although the animation was pretty decent.

Feb 09, 2015

Well done OVA...The main villian on the other hand was fairly lame and forgettable. By the last quarter of the movie, you feel that the antagonists never really stood a chance against the Soul Societies finest warriors.

X_andor_Who Apr 13, 2014

Bleach: Memories of Nobody: (Japanese anime; Movie): Opening Song Theme (OST) and Closing Song Theme (EST): I not sure there was an opening OST, but if I were classifying one, I’d say, “Ichigo’s themed battle bout music is a darn good substitute for one. I had felt and thought the EST to be a happy and honest song themed about what one should do by sharing their true feelings and true sincerity with one another. Oh, and if wanting to wait for (obvious) secret ending, it commences right after the EST concludes. Story Music: I heard some woman’s opera voice about 38 minutes in. And I heard more opera music once again at 85 minutes into the movie. Nice!
Voice Acting: Bleach acting cast core at their usual best. First-rate performance! English Audio and Written Script: For the moment and for having Bleach biases aside for as much as one can get, the movie was a fairly well polished script; but as to my thinking thoughts and examined feelings… Bleach, the movie, in comparison to its series counterpart, either was on par… or if was not, then it was somewhat better than its series’ script.
Characters: Relatable or not relatable? And how are they relatable? It’s like one’s everyday spiritual life, right? So of course they’re relatable in spirit, in character, and in persona, right!? And of some of the core characters and one time new nemesis, here’s what I examined: Captain Kenpachi, (Kenny), as always is a laughing load of laconic and iconic one-liners. Captain Yoshiro is as always, his usual, ice cold, serious self. As of his strong suited persona, Substitute Soul Reaper, Ichigo, is still his usual incarnation of being a being, who bears friendship and justice to the end at no other costs but his own. Ganryu is the new, (and probably the one time only), antagonistic rival and nemesis to Ichigo and to both the two threatened worlds. Rukia elegantly gelatinizes your fiendish foes with frozen tundra-like tactics and gets further assistance from her big brother, Byaku, and further assistance from his phantom, thousand swords technique. Senna was a new and probably only one time character; at varying times, Senna was treated as being both or neither real and/or/nor imaginary by the characters of the Bleach world.
Extra Tinkering Thinking Thoughts: If we were wishing and wanting to rustle and hastily hustle up some sort of soul reaper with some mega, spiritual muscle, who would or might we call and/or cast upon in this, this sort of busy bustle: might we think Ichigo; might he be the spiritual-samurai warrior, and the way in which, we should go? Oh, and yeah… no doubts… for he’s the man to fight them big, bad, battle bouts! Okay, so today… we, now in our hesitating mind to make haste, are left with lingering thoughts that we are to lay and waylay waste to bedroom blankets and/or pillow case? Is that right? And if so, we will bring our mental muscle might to vanquish these creatures of fearsome fright. Okay, and sure… we’ll bring our sting… just let us point, our pointy and sharp swords, toward their gouache gut n’ gourds. Wait… what!? Aren’t they just but… blanketed pillow case creatures?! So yeah and okay, we find more kinds of creatures to be found in Bleach and in Bleach’s spirited and satiated world; and so besides the regular Reapers, the Hollows, the Espada, and the occasional creepiest creepers, we now get gouache ghost, whom have… and wear… pointed, crimson colored headgear… is that about right?! Cool! Okay… let’s move on as so like we were doing some ceremonial Konso. Similar Titles: Bleach series. Nice cinematic anime. Rating: 5.0/5.0; Xandor Who

Apr 23, 2011

This film is very good film! It has a very moody tone throughout and is really enjoyable. There are some references that non manga readers/anime watchers may not pick up on, but I think it would still be enjoyable to you.

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X_andor_Who Apr 13, 2014

X_andor_Who thinks this title is suitable for All Ages


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X_andor_Who Apr 13, 2014

Tags Summary: prejudice, pride, protectors, powering up, hidden power, pernicious power, power struggle, coming of age, spiritual saga, spiritual story, anime, anime series, spiritual swords, swords, souls, reaping, soul harvesting, Shonen Jump, manga origins, relationships, other worlds, spiritual awareness, spirit world, weapon wielders, spiritual pressure, dangerous duels, deadly duels, adroitness, skilled swordsmen, fighters, fearless fighters, fervent fighters, fighting spirit, technical tenacity, tenacious technique, hierarchies, captains, secret societies, invisible beings, charismatic characters, warriors, bushido, way of the warrior, inner resolve, battle bouts, battle hardened warriors, samurai, battle tactics, tacticians, stratagems, battle strategies, battle talk, thems’ fighting words, let’s talk while we fight, takes a beating and dishes it out, inner dialogues, kimonos, Japanese jargon, say your attacks aloud, dimensional magic, space and timeline shifts, red headed heroes, story arc, deviated plotline, sidequest story, mental mastery, drama, comedy, beyond the banal, myriad of mirages, what’s behind the curtain, psychological warfare, heroes, champion chevaliers, banter barrage, loquacious speeches, Blanks, imaginary, imaginary imaginations, imaginary beings, heroes of justice, heroes of friendship, imminent destruction, saving the world. -X; Who


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X_andor_Who Apr 13, 2014

Other: Recommendation: Imagination is a modest requirement. -X; Who

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